Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

What is TRE®

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) is a simple system designed by Dr. David Berceli Ph.D. to physically release stuck energy from the body following traumatic experiences, stressful life circumstances, and day-to-day challenges. Research has proven that we carry stress, tension, and trauma in both psychological and physical forms. Unlike other wellness modalities, TRE® addresses both streams, efficiently facilitating deep and sustained post-traumatic growth and expansion.
TRE® exercises safely activate the body’s natural shaking and vibrating reflex mechanism releasing deep muscular patterns of stress and tension which calms the nervous system. The practice is based on a premise of self-healing, empowering practitioners to learn the exercises, foster a sense of agency, and self-administer as needed.

How TRE® works

Emotions are energy in motion. They ebb and flow through our bodies, speaking sometimes subtly and sometimes loudly, revealing what we need to be whole. When our energy is unblocked, it flows effortlessly, opening new channels for higher energy frequencies to enter. We feel resilient, content, and confident.
However, when we encounter a trauma or sustained stress, the body’s energetic pattern is disrupted. Emotions associated with the event become stuck. We may feel frozen, frustrated, stunted, or afraid. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of lasting trauma is the sense of powerlessness and disconnection. It feels like we’re on the outside looking in at life. TRE® provides practitioners with a sense of agency, allowing them to rediscover their authentic self and once again feel at home in their body.

What to expect in a session

In your first meeting with Dr. Heather Abernethy, you will discuss your individual needs and concerns. She will answer your questions and ensure that you are feeling comfortable and safe before beginning the exercises.

TRE® aims to empower practitioners to embrace their inner healer. Typically clients meet with Dr. Abernethy at least three times to develop comfort with the tremor mechanism. During these sessions, the client will learn how to safely perform the exercises, and will have the support of Dr. Abernethy should any sensations, emotions, and memories surface.


Parent and Baby Bonding 

Parents bond with their babies through a process called co-regulation. When a parent has a calm, reliable and nurturing nervous system, the baby senses this and learns how to soothe and manage their distressing sensations and emotions. Whether after a traumatic or unexpected birth experience or following the adoption process, TRE® provides valuable co-regulation opportunities. With the tremor mechanism, the parent is able to share their level of calm with their baby, syncing nervous systems and deepening the parent/child bond.

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” — L.R. Knost

Dr. Abernethy worked in a very busy Obstetric practice for 16 years where she witnessed firsthand how many women were disheartened when their deliveries did not go as they had hoped or planned. This can lead to a parent’s and baby’s nervous system being dysregulated and out of sync. TRE® can help release what happened in the past and bring about a calm acceptance and peace in the present.

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