Fascial Stretching Therapy

Frederick Stretch Therapy was created by Ann and Chris Frederick before there was a stretch industry and they are considered experts on fascia research. The fascia system supports anatomical movement and when it is restricted, it causes pain and dysfunction in the entire body. Frederick Stretch Therapy is a gentle assisted stretching method that focuses on mobilizing and decompressing the fascia system. When imbalances and restrictions in the fascia system are addressed, it positively impacts the entire body. This is what makes FST different from other stretching methods, which focus only on the muscles. A FST session is customized to your personal needs, making it a transformative practice for all types of bodies.

Benefits of Frederick Stretch Therapy include pain reduction, increased mobility and flexibility, stress reduction, better posture, faster recovery from athletic activities, and improved quality of life. FST is a phenomenal tool for reducing/eliminating lower back pain, and shoulder/neck tension.

Sarah offers services on Thursdays and Saturdays. To schedule with Sarah, please click on the link below. If you would like to get in touch with Sarah, she can be reached at stretchwsarah@gmail.com or 608-320-9307.

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