Chiropractic Care for Infants & Newborns

The process of being born is often a physically demanding event for mom and baby. The majority of newborns have moderate to high dysfunction of the upper cervical region of the spine (where the skull meets the neck vertebrae) due to the birth process. Studies continue to be conducted to assess this prevalence and determine the cause of increased severity. This upper cervical dysfunction is found in natural deliveries as well as assisted deliveries, however, there are speculations that births with interventions (induction, forceps, vacuum extraction, cesarean deliveries) seem to have a correlation with a higher severity of upper cervical dysfunction, as well as other areas of dysfunction.

Dr. Erin Shook has seen great results treating

· Torticolis
· Irritations
· Colic
· Flat Head Syndrome
· Autism
· Ear infections
· Bed wetting
· Down Syndrome
· Nursing/Latching issues
· Cognitive delays
· Cerebral Palsy
· Constipation
· Physical delays, and so much more

*Please note: Dr. Erin is not claiming to specifically treat these diagnoses. While treating such individuals by using Chiropractic Neurological Assessment, children with a wide range of presentation has seen favorable results.

More Importantly

Chiropractic will assist with proper development throughout the most critical phase of neurological development. The first year of life holds the most drastic changes of the nervous system and brain development. At this stage of life, the posterior-inferior part of the brain (cerebellum) provides most of the work. The cerebellum acts as a switch board relaying messages from the body’s mechanoreceptors and sensory input neurons to the rest of the brain. This relay of messages is vital for the development of the different areas of the brain and the cerebral cortex. Chiropractic assessment and care will allow the body to process the information in the most efficient way. This allows for establishing the proper neural pathways.

An infant Chiropractic assessment will look at both the spine and the cranium (skull) for proper function throughout the whole system. Dr. Erin Shook will also assess the natural cranial-sacral rhythm that creates a pumping mechanism of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) from the brain down the spinal cord to the sacrum and back up to complete the cycle. This fluid nourishes the entire central nervous system (CNS) while removing waste and toxins. Usually there are much fewer structural restrictions since the infant is mostly cartilage and is not weight bearing, and much more meningial/dural restrictions compared to an adult.

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