Chiropractic Care & Pregnancy

Most Advantageous Chiropractic Outcomes

Preparing mom and her pelvis for adequate expansion during the delivery decreases the duration of labor!

You can achieve your ideal pregnancy and birthing experience! Chiropractic will help prepare your body for delivery and relieve physical stress from your developing body and baby!

There is a specific chiropractic technique, Webster Technique, designed for pregnant women. These constraints include any force that may obstruct the normal development and movement of the fetus within the position of the bones, ligaments, body movements and so on. Ligaments are designed to relax due to a release of a hormone aptly named relaxin. This laxity allows the pelvis to have extra movement giving more space for the baby and helping with the delivery.

Often the full potential of this extra space is not utilized due to a dysfunction within one or more of the pelvic joints, they are just not moving properly. Chiropractic is able to restore proper pelvic function, allowing for adequate movement.

Two Parts to the Webster Analysis and Correction

1. The biomechanics within the pelvis are analyzed. A light force adjustment is delivered to restore proper function and help balance muscular tone.

2. Abdominal muscles and pelvic ligaments that support the uterus are analyzed for tension. A gentle correction is done to relieve any muscle spasm and decrease tension within the pelvic ligaments.

Chiropractic Adjustments are Safe!

It is recommended to see a doctor of chiropractic who is trained and experienced in caring for expecting mothers, infants, and kids since the technique used is modified to fit the individual’s needs. There is no force being put on the fetus during an adjustment. The chiropractic table allows for pregnant tummies to sit comfortably with no additional pressure and/or a pregnancy pillow is used to help support the tummy and breasts.

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