Chiropractic Care & Fertility

Dr. Erin Shook with her husband and son.

If you are reading this section, most likely you and your partner are having a difficult time conceiving or staying pregnant. There are many different aspects a couple has to analyze when determining the reason: Ovulation dysfunction, Sperm disorders, Pelvic dysfunctions, Abnormal mucosa, or more frustrating…Unidentifiable. This is an exhausting and frustrating situation to be in and I sympathize with you and your partner.

What Chiropractic can do to enhance fertility

I want to be clear that I am not implying that Chiropractic directly treats each of these complications. Chiropractic is a health specialty that focuses on restoring proper neuromusculoskeletal systems. If there is an imbalance within these systems, the body will not function efficiently, potentially causing dysfunction. Converseley, once the interferences are removed, the body is able to function properly and restore it’s homeostasis (balance) and heal.

When it comes to fertility, I focus on the integrity of the lumbar spine, sacrum, and cranial systems.    

If there is a dysfunction in the lumbar/sacral region (lower back and pelvis) the information going to and from the brain may be compromised. Such a dysfunction in the low back/pelvis can often times go unnoticed and not provide any other symptoms. A focused Chiropractic examination is necessary to determine osseous (bone), soft tissue, and fascial restrictions that may be contributing to the dysfunction.

The cranium (skull, dura, and meningies) as well as the cranial-sacral system is also quite important since the majority of female fertility hormones originate in the brain. FSH and LH are both vital hormones to mature the female follicle and stimulate ovulation of a mature egg. Chiropractic cranial therapy can restore proper cranial-sacral rhythm, release dural restrictions, and allow the body to regain a more natural hormone balance.

The Typical Patient

I share this section with you to let you know you are not alone. Unfortunately in this day-in-age, fertility issues occur way too often (I have my theories but that deserves its own section. Many couples will come to me after 2-3 years of trying to conceive with no results. They usually have been to fertility specialists and have the lab outcomes for both the male and female. Chiropractic and/or other alternative treatments are their last hope before resorting to expensive and more invasive options. Results do not always happen; however, there is a remarkable success rate and it is ALWAYS a joyous visit when a couple returns with the news they conceived on their own! I wish we could have our interactions a bit earlier in the couple’s process!

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