Shannon Gyles, MSOM, CA

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Shannon graduated in 2007 from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine where she earned a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and Bachelors in Nutrition. She is nationally board certified acupuncturist through NCCAOM and is a state certified acupuncturist. Shannon co-founded New Moon Wellness with a dedication to provide quality, compassionate, alternative health care to the community. She utilizes her understanding Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, thorough listening skills, and intuition to guide each treatment with the greatest of care. As a holistic practitioner, Shannon incorporates her training in nutritional therapy, Chinese herbs, supplements, holistic doula care, natural childbirth, and her own unique form of energy/intuitive work to help others be well. Shannon is always striving to maintain optimal health in her own life, and pursues knowledge and education in Chinese Medicine and general health and well-being.

Specialty Areas

Shannon works on a broad spectrum of health concerns, but has specific areas of expertise in treating women’s health care concerns, endocrine imbalances, mental health care, digestive complaints, and pain management and reduction. Through her work, Shannon is passionate about helping patients discover and uncover emotional, energetic, and physical patterns that are preventing them from living fully. She is dedicated to helping patients release blocks that can hold them back from living powerful and authentic lives.

Shannon has found her calling in working with fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum helping facilitate healthy babies, healthy mamas, and healthy families. Shannon is deeply dedicated to helping couples struggling with infertility achieve and maintain pregnancy. She has witnessed the profound effects acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can have on regulating the body’s functions from a hormonal, emotional, and physical standpoint. It is with great joy and presence that Shannon works with women and couples through this potentially difficult time.

Having been through her own major life transition physically and emotionally after having her son, she personally understands the joy and difficulty with the changing demands on the body during pregnancy, postpartum, and caring for a newborn. She is honored to support women through pregnancy, as there are profound changes happening for Mom and baby. In conjunction, Shannon works with breech presentation, helps prepare the body and baby get ready for labor, and cares for women postpartum. She completed her Holistic Doula certification through the Matrona, along with continuing education in Holistic Childbirth.

Shannon spends her free time with her son, husband, friends, and family. She finds great joy in hiking, running, yoga, reading, practicing mindfulness, sharing life and laughing with friends, traveling, and having quiet time in nature.

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Offerings and Pricing

60-75 Minute Initial Acupuncture Treatment — $120

60 Minute Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment — $80

Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment with Intuitive Work — $120

60 Minute Initial Pediatric Acupuncture Treatment — $95

30-60 Minute Follow Up Pediatric Acupuncture Treatment — $50

90 Minute Initial Acupuncture Treatment For Fertility — $130

60 Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment — $80

60-75 Minute Initial Acupuncture Treatment for Breech Baby with Moxa — $120

60 Minute Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment for Breech Baby with Moxa — $85

60-75 Minute Initial Acupuncture Treatment for Labor Preparation — $120

60 Minute Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment for Labor Preparation — $80

Save $25 total with a Prepaid Acupuncture Package of 5 follow up treatments — $375

You may also contact Shannon via email at

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