Melanie Fritz

Melanie specializes in a rare form of Grief Therapy known as Evidential Mediumship. She has spent the better part of ten years growing her ability to translate a unique and ever advancing, metaphysical language. Her greatest accomplishments in this lifetime are her children, Sam and Cale, and her Mediumship Practice. She lives in Cambridge, WI with her two boys, Sam and Cale, and their Chinchilla, Diamond. 

Melanie grew up in Cottage Grove, WI and graduated in 1999. She went on to attend MATC to partake in General Studies while waiting to join the Veterinary Technician Program. She spent exactly ten years serving a small town veterinary clinic in Marshall, WI before leaving the practice shortly after finding out she would be expecting her second son. She had always been intuitive, and known things there was no possible way she could have, but it wasn’t until the midway through her first trimester that she began to wake at the same time of night for 3 days straight. She heard a woman, by the name of Suzanne. Suzanne was the first departed loved one to ever successfully reach out to Melanie and relay a message. It was life changing and truly brought her to the awareness of her purpose. 

Melanie continues to meet with individuals, small and large groups, as well as educate intuitives all over the United States. Please visit for more information regarding classes, appointments and events in the Madison area. 

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