Mary Ellen Zang

Mary Ellen Zang is a Reiki and Flower Essence Practitioner, Herbalist, Intuitive, Holistic Lifestyle Mentor, and former Postpartum Doula. She has professionally worked to help people in the Madison community since 2011. Her years of study and honing her many skills as a holistic practitioner has been a part of her life’s journey for almost three decades. Mary Ellen’s work is a combination of Reiki/energy work, intuitive listening and guidance, using gentle forms of plant medicine and vibrational flower essences, healthy dietary (food as medicine) and lifestyle recommendations, and her past experience of being a postpartum doula.

Mary Ellen centers her work around integrating mind/body/soul through methods of healing that most resonates with her clients and their individual needs. Every session will be different, as we are all unique and so are our healing needs. We are always growing and evolving, so based on that perspective, every session with Mary Ellen incorporates the right healing modalities that are needed at that time. Her work with clients can be compared to that of peeling away the layers of an onion – unveiling issues till the root causes are ready to come forward for healing. Empowering and supporting her clients along their healing journey is of main importance.

All sessions are a collaboration together by expressing and understanding health needs and goals, conversations of how balance may be attained or restored, and what methods of healing can be comfortably used to achieve such goals. Every session with Mary Ellen is done in a safe and non-judgmental space.

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Offerings & Pricing

These sessions consists of Reiki work and then time allotted for talking about any intuitive information that was gathered during the Reiki session. I also may suggest tools and techniques that may be used to help in facilitating further healing depending on individual need.

For more info on Reiki, what it is, and how it may help you, please check out our Reiki page.

The Botanical Reiki sessions are energetically light sessions that help to uplift your spirit, balance your energy, nourish your nervous system, relax your whole body and mind, and totally delight your senses. The focus of these sessions is to create a truly beautiful and nurturing atmosphere through using the healing energies of reiki, botanicals (flower & plant material), crystals, flower essences, rose water, and aromatherapy. Botanical Reiki is not only incredibly relaxing, but a total sensory experience to boot!

Please click here for a full description of The Botanical Reiki Sessions.

The Postpartum Sessions go way beyond the methods of taking care of your body on the physical level. Together we discuss those physical needs and ways to support your body, but these sessions also access the deeper, more energetic levels of healing as well. In the time we spend together in these sessions, I address the wholeness of you and what is needing support depending on what stage you are in with your postpartum journey. I pull from my past experience as a former Postpartum Doula and my current skills as a Reiki and Flower Essence Practitioner, Herbalist, Holistic Lifestyle Mentor, Intuitive, and my knowledge of supporting the body through herbal teas and nourishing foods.

*If flower essences are recommended, a 1 oz custom made blend is included in the session fee.

Flower essences are a gentle and subtle form of energetic plant medicine. They utilize the vibrational patterns of flowers found in nature and are used to help you find balance and can transform the dis-ease with any negative emotional and energetic patterns that can hold you back from truly living your vibrant self. First developed by Dr. Edward Bach—a doctor of both traditional and homeopathic medicine—in the 1930s. He discovered that in addition to a flower’s medicinal properties, they also have specific vibrational patterns that correspond with various personality types and emotional states in humans. Flower essences are ideal for uncovering long-held patterns of emotion or spiritual imbalances. They are equally valuable in major life transitions and crisis situations as well.

Flower Essence Consultations include an in-depth personal assessment to see what is at the root of what is holding you back from true healing and your ability to move forward effortlessly through your life. We sit down together with a cup of herbal tea and through intuitive listening, I hear your story and issues of concern. When we decide on the flower essences that are just right for you, I make up your personal one ounce blend with the flower essences from my apothecary.

*Your 1 oz custom made blend is included in the consultation fee.

*Because flower essences are vibrational in nature, they have no physical side effects and will not interfere with prescription drugs, homeopathic medicines or any other therapies. They are safe and effective for children, pregnant women and elders as well. Flower essences are *not* essential oils or perfumes. They are water & brandy-based, energetic preparations. If you are alcohol sensitive, please let me know.

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