Nutrition Counseling & Coaching

IVF & Fertility Nutrition Coaching

For women who are trying to conceive, have been trying for longer than 6 months or are pursuing assisted reproductive technology such as IVF and are looking for ways you could optimize your diet to support your fertility and set you up for your best chances of getting pregnant. Susan utilizes an approach that focuses on incorporating all foods and optimizing what you can add into your daily eating patterns to help set you up for success on your fertility journey. Susan will review with you your current intake patterns, history with food, your body, and your fertility journey along with discussing supplement recommendations all based on your individual needs.

Intuitive Eating Counseling

For women who feel like they have tried every diet and nothing seems to “work” and you want to create a healthy relationship with food and your body. You often find yourself feeling out of control around food and go between feeling on track to falling “off the wagon”. This approach is evidenced based and has been studied in over 125 research studies to improve measures of health such as blood sugar and cholesterol while reducing disordered eating and improving body image.

Nutrition for Optimized Health, Energy, & Wellness

For individuals who would like to utilize nutrition as a way to optimize their overall health, wellbeing and energy levels while being able to enjoy all foods without guilt. 

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Virtual appointments are currently available. In person visits at New Moon Wellness will begin in the Fall. Payment methods accepted include credit card, FSA or HSA. Upon request, a superbill will be provided to submit to your health insurance for potential reimbursement, however please note insurance coverage for nutrition sessions varies. 

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