Menstrual Health

Jasmin Caviezel is a menstrual health and fertility awareness educator and certified women’s coach who focuses specifically on helping women gain body literacy and adopt cycle-supportive lifestyle practices that can ease their PMS symptoms. She believes that living in tune with the ebbs and flows of the ever-changing hormones can transform a woman’s overall health, help them tap into their intuitive power, find compassion and love for their body, feel less stressed, more at ease and able to surrender to these changing rhythms.

Menstrual Cycle Education & Coaching
Jasmin’s practice centers on foundational cycle health, laying the groundwork for overall happy hormones. The pillars of her practice include: supporting your cycle through hormone friendly movement practices, nutrition, stress management, and holistic self-care. Due to the volume of information available in each pillar, meetings will be broken down into theme specific sessions tailored to your needs. This allows for a deeper collaboration between you and Jasmin. At the end of each session, Jasmin provides you with individualized practice prompts to help you live in tune with your menstrual cycle.

These sessions are ideal for those who are ready and committed to take the next step on their healing journey, want to understand their body on a deeper level, and learn how to live in harmony with mother nature’s intended rhythm to improve fertility, hormone health, and ease PMS symptoms.

Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course
This course is designed to guide you through the principles of Symptopro, a natural fertility awareness method backed by science. Dive into the intricacies of observing and charting your menstrual cycles, tracking basal body temperature (BBT) fluctuations, and monitoring changes in cervical mucus or cervical positioning.

Whether you’re on a journey to prevent or achieve pregnancy this comprehensive curriculum empowers you to interpret these fertility signs, providing you with a holistic and non-invasive approach to family planning.

This course offers personalized insights into your hormone health status through your cycle data and promotes body literacy. Symptopro also works for women with irregular cycles, PCOS, postpartum with or without breastfeeding, during perimenopause, transitioning off hormonal birth control and more.
The course is held online or in-person in a 1:1 or small group setting (for small group setting please visit the website to get on the waitlist)

This course includes the following:

  • 3x 90min Lecture Sessions – Getting to Know The Method And Rules (These are ideally scheduled in two-week intervals)
  • 1st 45min Follow-Up Session – Going Over Your Charts (Held one month after the last Lecture Session)
  • 2nd 45min Follow-Up Session – Going Over Your Charts & Adjusting Rules If Needed (Held after 6 months/cycles of charting)
  • Optional 30min Follow-Up Session – Going Over Your Charts & Adjusting Rules If Needed (Held after 12 months/cycle of charting)
  • Training Material – Consisting of Complimentary Basal Body Thermometer and Course Book
  • Lifetime Email Support – For Quick Clarifying Charting Questions
  • Optional Private FB Group Community 
  • Optional 3 Month Free Access to the Read Your Body App 

For more information about this course please click here.

***When booking this course please allow 10-14 days for your training material to arrive. Be sure to book at least 14 days out.***

Jasmin is excited and honored to support you on your menstrual cycle and fertility journey to live in tune with your moon (no pun intended 😉). She can be reached by email at or by text at 608-772-0813 if you have any specific questions.

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30min Free Discovery Call to learn more about Menstrual Health Coaching or Symptopro

One-on-one sessions are available online or in-person.

Menstrual Health Coaching:
90min Menstrual Health Initial Consultation: $150 (for new clients)
60min Menstrual Health Sessions: $100

Package Deal Coaching:
6x 60min Sessions: $550
3x 60min Sessions: $275

1:1 Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course: $339

Small Group Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course: $239

Additional 30min In-Depth Follow Up Call: $40 (This is for questions that need more than just an email exchange, in-depth chart review, rule adjustments due to changing circumstances, etc)