Jasmin Caviezel

Jasmin Caviezel is a menstrual health and fertility awareness educator and certified women’s coach who focuses specifically on helping women gain body literacy and adopt cycle-supportive lifestyle practices that can ease their PMS symptoms. She believes that living in tune with the ebbs and flows of the ever-changing hormones can transform a woman’s overall health, help them tap into their intuitive power, find compassion and love for their body, feel less stressed, more at ease and able to surrender to these changing rhythms.

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Jasmin is excited and honored to support you on your menstrual cycle journey to live in tune with your moon (no pun intended 😉). She can be reached by email at contact@jalistic.com or by text at 608-772-0813 if you have any specific questions.

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30min Free Discovery Call to learn more about Menstrual Health Coaching or Symptopro

One-on-one sessions are available online or in-person.

Menstrual Health Coaching:
90min Menstrual Health Initial Consultation: $150 (for new clients)
60min Menstrual Health Sessions: $100

Package Deal Coaching:
6x 60min Sessions: $550
3x 60min Sessions: $275

1:1 Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course: $339

Small Group Symptopro Fertility Awareness Course: $239

Additional 30min In-Depth Follow Up Call: $40 (This is for questions that need more than just an email exchange, in-depth chart review, rule adjustments due to changing circumstances, etc)