Intuitive Energy & Ancestral Healing

An Intuitive Energy Healing Session is for anyone who is feeling lost or stuck in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual realms of their Being. When old storylines continue to play out or unhealthy patterns continue to repeat themselves and you’re finding that your current way of living isn’t working or serving you any longer, something needs to shift. But oftentimes, we can fear and resist change, even if it’s positive, and this resistance to shifting and change can cause your energy to stagnate, fracture, and become distorted. This dis-ease of your energy can manifest itself in many ways in your mind, body, and spirit and when it does, it is asking for healing. Kristy’s intuitive healing abilities are unique to her. She is able to see the energetics behind the storyline of what you’re experiencing and guide you into your body and into the energy to transform past traumas and old, non-serving programming, conditioning, ancestral fragmentations and lineage distortions, and release any stuck or stagnant energy that you are unnecessarily carrying to get you back into flow, allowing you to live from a more whole and empowered state of Being.

Sessions are collaborative and highly personalized to assist you with any healing and expansion that you seek. Each session begins with your intention which allows you to call forth the necessary healing and guidance that you seek at that time. During a session, you may receive:

  • deeper understanding of and connection with yourself as mind, body, and Spirit
  • direct messages and guidance from Spirit
  • energetic healing, reprogramming, and attuning
  • ancestral healing
  • inner child healing
  • soul retrieval
  • the releasing of attachments/cords/entities
  • mindful awareness practices utilizing your mind-body-breath to assist in transforming energies
  • and potentially more

Sessions are always Divinely led and intuitively offered.

Kristy offers both In-Person and Remote sessions. Please click here to visit her website and learn more about Kristy and her work or click the link below to schedule an appointment.

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60 Min Intuitive Energy & Ancestral Healing Sessions – $120