Clinic Info

Welcome to New Moon Wellness!

159 S Fair Oaks Ave, Madison, WI

Phone: 608-819-6789

Hours of Operation vary by practitioner. Please note we see patients by appointment only and do not take walk-ins.

Schedule appointments online with:

  • Julie – Low-force chiropractic
  • Shannon – Acupuncture & Chinese herbs
  • Colleen – Therapeutic massage
  • Mary Ellen – Reiki & flower essences
  • Claudia – Counseling & Psychotherapy
  • Sarah – Therapeutic massage, Fascial Stretching Therapy, and Cupping
  • Twink – Hypnotherapy
  • Jasmin – Symptopro Fertility Awareness & Menstrual Health Education
  • Krystle – Counseling & Psychoeducation
  • Kristy DuChateau – Intuitive Energy & Ancestral Healing

New Moon Wellness is looking for an additional practitioner! We are interested in adding a practitioner that does not require a body work table. If you are a psychotherapist, dietician, naturopath, doula, or another complementary practitioner, please send your resume to

See below for maps of our new location and where to park.