The mind, heart and gut are extremely sensitive to both positive and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can wreak havoc in your body and in every other aspect of life, making you believe you are not good enough, different from other people, and unable to find fulfillment. 

Hypnotherapy creates extraordinary changes in thought patterns that induce healing, give you courage, self-respect, and certainty that you are worthy and able to achieve your goals and enjoy a happy, healthy life. 

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful option for those seeking direct, positive effects on behavior, mental health, and bodily systems.

What to expect

Expect to achieve your goals! The most important part of hypnotherapy is your desire to achieve your goal. As your therapist, I am 100% committed to helping you do just that. 

Your thoughts and experiences are integral to hypnotherapy, so you are in full control during your session and will remember everything that takes place throughout. 

Each course of treatment involves an intake session specific to the issue being addressed, a main hypnosis session to resolve the issue, continued contact for 28 days, and a final follow-up session to build on your success. 

Of the many factors responsible for infertility, emotions triggered by subconscious issues can affect the delicately balanced hormonal system, which in turn controls ovulation, sperm production and pregnancy. Hypnotherapy is an effective and natural way to aid conception by resolving subconscious issues affecting your ability to conceive and become a parent.

Hypnotherapy can increase the chances of conceiving naturally, or it can be used alongside medical treatments such as drug therapy or IVF. As these treatments are not contraindicated, adding hypnotherapy provides a maximum chance of conceiving, ensuring that the mind is cooperating fully and the body is ready to accept and provide for a successful pregnancy.

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Deep seated triggers can be responsible for anxious, disruptive thoughts about the birth of your child. In addition to helping you relax during birth, hypnotherapy helps you understand and resolve associated issues that you may experience throughout your pregnancy such as fear of pain, blood, or hospitals.

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If you have anxiety or phobias, you know how they can grip your life and prevent you from doing things from the smallest of daily tasks or traveling on a plane. Compassionate hypnotherapy can enable you to resolve the root cause of anxiety and phobias and free you to live the life of your dreams.

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Parenting difficulties can be related to unresolved issues from the parent’s own childhood that were never acknowledged, recognized, or processed. This can rob parenthood of its joy and get in the way of feelings of closeness and bonding with your child. Hypnotherapy provides safe, reliable access to causal beliefs and experiences where they can be changed to support happy well-balanced parent-child relationships.

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Hypnotherapy for children is extraordinary, as it is all about empowering the child, giving them unshakeable belief in themselves and then seeing the transformation take place. From social anxiety to sports, hypnotherapy can give your child confidence and a sense of wellbeing that will positively impact many areas of their life.

Successful treatment for the child will require a commitment and cooperation of the adults who care for the child. It is recommended that the adult undergo a course of hypnotherapy in tandem (separately) with the treatment of the child to set the relationship up for success.

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Hypnotherapy helps teens and tweens address issues that can surface as anxiety, low-self esteem, skin problems, learning problems, fears, phobias and depression. Twink helps young people understand and address the underlying problems so that they feel amazing about themselves and are able to grow happily and healthily without subconscious issues running their lives and their bodies.

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“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.” ― Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

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