Gift Certificates

If you would like to support New Moon and our practitioners while we are closed, buying gift certificates for our services would be of great support! We have made it as easy as possible to either buy a gift certificate through PayPal with our providers directly and or an for an amount through PayPal for New Moon Wellness. Gift certificates can be purchased for yourself or loved ones.

We will contact you after receiving payment. Each practitioner will let you know how they plan to track their gift certificates and or send out a gift certificate.

To Buy A Gift Certificate Via Pay Pal Please Use The Following Information:

*To purchase a gift certificate for New Moon Wellness without picking a particular service please enter

*For Dr. Julie Nyquist (Chiropractor) please enter

Click HERE to see Julie’s service fees.

*For Shannon Gyles (Acupuncturist) please enter

Click HERE to see Shannon’s service fees.

*For Colleen Eimermann (Massage Therapist) please enter

Click HERE to see Colleen’s service fees.

*For Katie Mogg (Massage Therapist) please enter

Click HERE to see Katie’s service fees.

*For Mary Ellen Zang (Reiki Practitioner) please enter

Click HERE to see Mary Ellen’s service fees.

*For Melanie Fritz (Evidential Mediumship) please visit her website to see gift certificate options at

Go to Melanie’s website HERE to see her service fees.