Christina Oser

Important Changes For January 2024

Announcing transfer of ownership for Holistic Homebirth! Christina’s current student, Emma Leeson, will be graduating in December, and hopes to be licensed by March. Christina is planning to move out of Wisconsin, and Emma will be continuing to see Holistic Homebirth clients at New Moon Wellness. Reach out to her at!  More Information will be on our website about Emma and her practice soon!  

Christina Oser

My first exposure to birth was in North Africa where home birth is the norm. Through this experience, God instilled in me a passion to be part of the birth process for other women. After receiving a nursing degree, I worked in a hospital setting for a couple years, and realized that this was not a setting that allowed me to make decisions that were in the best interest of my patients. So I moved back to the homebirth setting, while obtaining my master’s degree in midwifery and women’s health. I truly love that I can work with my patients to make decisions – together – regarding their birth, that are right for them. 

Having personal experience with motherhood through birth, adoption, and foster care, I am passionate about helping new parents gain every advantage as they begin the journey of parenthood together. And having multiple cross-cultural experiences, I am passionate about providing sensitive care to women of all backgrounds. 

Aside from being a midwife, I enjoy living life on adventure with my husband and chosen life partner, spending sweet snippets of rare time with my young adult children, traveling around our country and the world, taking walks outside, and reading good books. As a family, we have seen a home game in every Major League Baseball stadium, traveled to every state in the contiguous 48, and hiked in many National Parks. 

You can learn more about Christina’s practice at or by calling her at 608-618-2191. To schedule, please call 608-618-2191.