Julie Nyquist, DC

Dr. Julie Nyquist graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1994, and has been practicing in Madison since 2002. Dr. Julie’s background includes training in various low-force Chiropractic techniques, Myofascial Release, and Craniosacral Therapy. Additionally, Dr. Julie is a certified Dynamic Body Balancing Facilitator through Dr. Carol Phillips, a therapy that combines Craniosacral and unwinding techniques that are the foundation for the Spinning Babies bodywork as well.

Her techniques have evolved over time, combining clinical knowledge and experience with intuition and training in various healing arts. She works with each person using this combination of integrated healing therapies based on each patient’s specific needs.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Dr. Julie combines gentle Chiropractic techniques with myofascial release and craniosacral therapy to help your body be as balanced and accommodating as possible throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing. She also incorporates the Webster Chiropractic Technique to facilitate best position of baby for comfort in pregnancy and ease in delivery. She brings a respect for the wisdom underlying the design of a woman’s body, along with years of experience helping women thrive through every stage of motherhood. Using a breadth of approaches, Dr. Julie considers it her job to identify and release structural and energetic interferences that impede the body’s ability to work the way it is designed to.

Dr. Julie has two young adults, Michael and Sophia, who bring such joy and inspiration to her life and work.

You can contact Julie via email at drjulienyquist@gmail.com or 608-516-0418.

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Adult Pricing

60 Minute New Patient Visit — $170

30 Minute Office Visit — $85

60 Minute Extended Office Visit — $170

Child Pricing

Dr. Julie is no longer accepting new child patients, only established children may be scheduled. If you are a pregnant patient, you may schedule your new baby as an Extended Office Visit that will be a postpartum visit for you and your new baby.

20 Minute Office Visit — $50


Dr. Julie accepts all credit cards, flex spending cards, HSA cards, checks, and cash for payment. Dr. Julie is not in network with or a provider for any insurance companies, including Medicaid (Badger Care) and Medicare.

All Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury, and car accident cases are accepted on a pre-approved basis only. If you are seeking pre-approval,  please email drjulienyquist@gmail.com before scheduling.

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